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¡Celebrando 10 años de clases en Bath!

"We love seeing all the different faces in our classrooms - from little ones learning Spanish through play as their second language (or sometimes first!), older kids gaining confidence through speaking Spanish in front of their whole class; but also the brave and curious adults who are new to speaking Spanish or have learnt before but want to finally master the subjunctive.

Looking back, it's amazing to see how far we've come in the last 10 years of classes. When we started out in February 2012, I was delivering classes at a primary school and a nursery. We are now a team of 7 tutors running 8 groups per week for adults (from beginner to advanced) and spanish clubs at Bath primary schools and curriculum classes in 3 early years settings. We've also grown a large community of private tuition students of all ages working towards a variety of goals.

Reflecting on how many students we have taught in the last decade, and also how that time has seen a growing and changing team coming from all corners of the Spanish-speaking world is mind-blowing. This diversity enriched and evolved Todo el Mundo as each tutor brings cultural experience, new ideas and fresh enthusiasm. It is beautiful to witness how our students don’t just learn Spanish with their teachers - their stereotypes are challenged, empathy increases, new friendships formed and worlds are hugely widened too.

The last 10 years of classes have been an incredible adventure. We want the next decade to be full of even more joy, learning Spanish and friendships for everyone in Bath and beyond!”

¡Nos vemos!


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