fees & payment plans from September 2020

  • Online group lessons for 3+ students are 1.5hrs for £12 per class* on Zoom 

  • Online groups access meeting links, lesson recordings (when students are absent) and other digital resources via their exclusive area of the interactive Fearning Forum

  • Classroom lessons at New Oriel Hall for 3 students are 1hr and for 4+ students 1.5hrs for £13 per class*

  • Classroom lessons at New Oriel Hall  for 4+ students are 1.5hrs with online attendance + recordings for £14 per week*  (special offers available for retunring students) 

  • Spread the cost with a direct debit plan for 3, 4 or 11 months 

  • All students have access to our website learning forum included in the their fees 

  • Enrolment is by the term or longer, there is no flexible attendance option 

  • Students are responsible for purchasing their own copy of the course textbook (ISBN numbest provided in course syllabus) 

  • Free trials for new students

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  • Book a free trail class on our online bookings page

  • Book a term online for your group - pay in full or checkout without paying and we will send links for the direct debits 

  • OFERTON! Every September there is a special offer if you sign up for the entire academic year 

  • Spread the cost of the each term with a 3 or 4 month payment plan

  • We use Gocardless safe and secure online direct debits.  

  • Direct debits are charged on the last day of the month.  We add a small processing fee to direct monthly amounts.

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  • *Should an online group return to the classroom , we may increase fees according to the current pricing plan.  Should a group shrink in size from term to term we may shorted the lesson time but will reduce the fees accordingly.  Should a classroom group have to go online for the short-term due to Covid-19 risks, there will be no fee reduction.  

  • Missed lessons do not transfer to future terms and cannot be used as credit towards other services

  • Should you circumstances change mid-term and you wish to cancel your enrolment, our conditions require you pay any outstanding balance in full for the term in question.   Please see our full terms and conditions for annual and termly enrolment.