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Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Setenil de las Bodegas, Càdiz 21/10/2022 - 23/10/2022

Not everyone is aware that while Britain was under Saxon rule nearly all of Spain was islamic with the only Christian cities in 756AD being Santander & Oviedo on the north coast.

We are looking forward to sharing and discussing this part of Spain's cultural heritage with our Key Stage 2 students (ages 7-11). Tales of horseback battles, mosques, Google Earthing the Alambra & Córdoba Mezquita plus beautiful Nazari art - what a topic to end term 1!

Spain's islamic heritage and conversion to Catholicism is celebrated annually on various dates in many towns and cities throughout the year as the fiesta de Moros y Cristianos.

This weekend 21-23 October 2022 in Setenil de las Bodegas celebrate the inherited history of the two cultures and remember fall of the arabic defences in the 1484 conquest of the town by the Reyes Católicos with re-enactments of the violent and epic battle with real swords and horses!

After the fall of the king of Granada, the new king, El Rey Fernando granted this rock-side pueblo of Cadiz royal privileges similar to those sought by Seville which is why it is such an important part of this small town's history.

The interactive map linked below shows islamic Spain and the reconquista by occupied territories and cities from 756-1492AD.

Article in Spanish on this year's Moros y Cristianos festival in Sentenil

Article in English on Muslim Spain

Printable resources for colouring

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