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With our kids group classes, your child will be learning and developing in a safe, structured, fun and welcoming environment.


Our specialist tutors inspire small groups of children aged 0-11 to learn Spanish with the La Jolie Ronde progressive programs.  Children acquire an authentic accent, essential vocabulary and strong foundations in grammar.  From age 6 upwards we introduce reading and writing in Spanish.  

For all ages we offer private tuition using a variety of course materials including support for GCSE and A-Level. 

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Spanish Club

Primary School

Spanish Clubs

Lunchtime Spanish lessons in small groups learning through fun playful age specific activities.

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Fun Spanish for ages 4-9

at home

Weekly interactive online small group class open to all children.

Two age-appropriate groups 4-7s and 7-9s. 


Early Years

Baby, toddler &

pre-School Spanish

Babies and young children are amazing language learners and it is never too young to start!

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