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language tuition

Spanish & French tuition for all ages (1:2:1 and 2:2:1)

In-person (Bath area) & online

DBS checked tutors, many native speaking

General classes using materials from La Jolie Ronde or Campus Difusión, or purely conversation based

Specialist tuition to prepare for GCSE, A-Level and DELE

Termly pre-paid classes or flexible bookings


Scroll down for current prices, how to register and book

Online 1:2:1

from £20

pre-paid lessons(minimum 3 classes)

The best value for weekly or fortnightly lessons is when you pre-book and pre-pay for a minimum of 3 lessons per half-term (and some school holidays).


The white tabs below show our current prices for different types of online & face to face tuition for the various of types of tuition we offer both online and in-person.  Course books will be recommended by your tutor and are not included in the fees. 


  • 1:2:1 General: 30 & 45 minute online only class for children up to year 9 (14/15yrs) or 1hr in-person or online for all ages (not preparing for examination)

  • 1:2:1 Specialist: 1hr minimum for teens and adults preparing for examination (GCSE, A-Level, DELE etc..)

  • 2:2:1 or small group tuition is available, prices shown are for 1hr general tuition.  Contact us for fees and availability for bespoke services. 

Please complete the form below to register for pre-paid tuition, we will then find the tutor to best suit your requirements and they will email you directly to book in a block of lessons.   Once a schedule is agreed, we will issue an invoice. 

*Should you be unable to attend your pre-booked lesson there will be no refunds and missed lessons shall not carry over to future blocks of lessons.  Re-schedules are at the discretion of the tutor.  Our full Ts&Cs are linked to the registration form below. 

In-person (city centre cafe or your home): £35 per hour *

Online: £30 per hour

Online juniors (under 15s): £20 for 30 minutes or £25 for 45 minutes

* the tutor may wish to charge a travel supplement depending on distance travelled

Pre-paid tuition registration
Best days for you
Best times for you

A more flexible approach..

We also offer a flexible approach to your learning with us - ideal if you just wish to try a class, book in as and when you are free or if you life is a bit unpredictable and you may need to cancel/reschedule. 

You can book a lesson below and tell us more about yourself on the bookings form, or get in touch to discuss your requirements. 

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