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School Language Clubs

  • A unique structured language course

  • Full colour age specific activity book

  • New specialist audio app with linked parent guides

  • Insured and DBS checked

  • An excellent accent for the children to copy

  • Small classes of same age-group

  • Songs, games, dialogues, stories  

  • End of term reports & regular class updates

  • Medals and certificates on court completion

  • Performances in school assemblies

  • Enjoy being part of the Todo el Mundo familia 

  • Children's University Learning Destination 


We use the award winning structured courses from La Jolie Ronde to deliver successful Primary School French & Spanish clubs.  


Students can start learning Spanish and French at any point during the year, joining a group suitable for thier age and knowledge.

The emphasis is on fun with the programmes for younger students using songs, rhymes and stories.  For older students there are lots of learning games including bingo, charades, Simon says and hangman.  


All tutors have a native accent for young learners to copy, enabling them to excel at Spanish & French in secondary school.  Role-play is introduced from a young age and developed to suit the groups interests and abilities.  


Language learning also offers several other skills and benefits including turn taking, listening skills, memorising words​, social interaction and confidence building.  

Our tutors run safe and positive classes using the 3 simple golden rules in the picture during our school clubs.  There are more details on what is expected of our pupils and their parents/carers in our class culture for school clubs. 

Current Clubs from September 2019

Enrol your child now online by visiting and searching for your child's school.  There is the option to pay over 3 months by Direct Debit. 

Saltford Primary School - Monday Lunchtime

🇪🇸12.15-12.45pm Las Aventuras Part 1 (years R, 1 & 2)

🇪🇸12.30-1pm ¡Hola Pedro y Carmen! 

🇪🇸12.45-1.15 Mi Viaje por España (years 5 & 6 Advanced) 

St Saviours Infant School - Tuesday Lunchtime

🇪🇸12.30-1pm Las Aventuras Part 1 (years R & 1)

St Saviours Infant School - Wednesday Lunchtime

🇪🇸12.30-1pm ¡Hola Pedro y Carmen! (year2)

St Saviours Junior School - Tuesday Lunchtime

🇫🇷1-1.30pm Bonjour La France (yrs 3-6)

St Saviours Junior School - Wednesday Lunchtimes

🇪🇸1.00-1.30pm Mi Viaje por España (yrs 5 & 6 Advanced)

Heywood Prep School - Wednesday Afterschool

🇪🇸 3.45-4.45pm Las Aventuras Part 1 (years R, 1 & 2)

St Saviours Junior School - Thursday Lunchtime

🇪🇸1.00-1.30pm Buenos Días España (yrs 3-5)

St Mary's RC Primary School - Thursday Lunchtime 

🇪🇸12.00-12.30pm Mi Viaje por España (years 4-6)

🇪🇸12.30-1.00pm Las Aventuras Part 2 (year R-2)

Kingswood Preparatory School - Thursday after-school

🇪🇸3.45-4.15pm Las Aventuras Part 1 (Reception & Pre-school)

🇪🇸3.45-4.15pm Las Aventuras Part 2(Year 1 & 2)

🇪🇸4.30-5.15pm ¡Hola Pedro y Carmen! (Years 2 & 3)

🇪🇸St Saviours Infant School - Thursday Lunchtimes

🇫🇷12.30-1pm Les Aventures Part 2 (all years)

Swainswick Primary School - Friday Lunchtime

🇪🇸12-12.30pm Buenos Días Epsaña (year 3-6)

🇪🇸12.30-1pm Las Aventuras Part 1 (years R & 1)


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